When I Grow Up

When I was a little kid I had so many ideas of what I wanted to be when I was an adult. I went from wanting to be an actor to teacher to a musician. I never wanted to be anything in the medical field though. That particular field has never interested me. Looking back on all my childhood aspirations everything I wanted to be was based on being creative. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I loved being able to create things. I liked having multiple ways to complete a task. It can be stressful at times, but it’s amazing to me how many solutions there can be for one task. This is why being creative has always been appealing to me. This is a magazine cover I designed for school. I choose to make the magazine about Brandon Woelfel. He is an amazing photographer based out of New York. He is someone that I have been following for awhile now, so I thought it would be fun to make a magazine about him. For this project we designed the nameplate, a cover, table of contents and the feature article. This is particularly special to me because it was one of the first projects that I truly enjoyed and I didn’t get tired of. Working on the magazine was when I first decided that this was something I wanted to do for a career.


Ah the four seasons. What an interesting topic for a blog post am I right? There are so many reasons why picking a favorite season can be difficult. This image was taken during the spring. How can you not love seeing everything bloom? The world is such a pretty place during the spring time. It almost represents a new birth, which is extremely helpful coming out of winter time. Winter is not my favorite thing. I don’t like snow and I don’t ski or anything like that. So in my mind winter just makes driving a pain. I do enjoy snow right around Christmas and New Years, but other than that I don’t see why it’s necessary. Summer is an amazing season. The majority of fun things start in the summer. You swim and go on fun vacations. Everyone seems to be busy and enjoy summertime. Plus the majority of people are on break from school which is a huge plus. My favorite season is probably fall. It’s not too hot or too cold. Fall also has some of the best colors. I love the mountains in the fall. Fall is also a great time to take pictures because you can get the coolest nature photos. Or you can get some good backgrounds for your portraits. To rank the seasons for me I would say fall is my favorite, then spring, then summer, and then winter is coming in last.

My First Post

Logan River, Logan Utah

Hello everyone! This is my first ever blog post, and it is a pretty exciting thing. So because this is my first blog post there are a couple things you should know about me. I absolutely love photography. All kinds of it. I especially enjoy nature because, I’ve found, that it will cooperate more with you than people will. I decided to include this image taken by the Logan River. I took this image for an assignment in a photography class and it slowly became one of my favorite images. I am a strong believer that there is beauty in simplicity and that is what this image means to me. I also love rainy days and it was raining when I took this, so that’s another reason to love it!